Open Division

Open Division Prizes

1st Prize: $2,000 and a concert at the 2023 Festival
2nd Prize: $1,000
3rd Prize: $
4th Prize: $

All finalists will also receive string packages and gift cards thanks to the generosity of D’Addario and Strings by Mail

Competition Rules:

The Competition is open to all classical guitarists not represented by professional management and who have not previously finished first in a previous year of the Florida Guitar Festival.  All music must be played on a classical guitar with nylon strings; no electronic amplification is permitted.

It is expected that every competitor’s choice of music fits within the time allowed. If a competitor exceeds the given time allotted, that competitor will be asked to stop but at no penalty to his/her evaluation. Judges’ comments and scores will be made available to competitors at the judges’ discretion. Competitors are encouraged to inquire for comments from the judges directly only after the competition has ended. The judges reserve the right to award any or no prizes. All judges’ decisions are final.

Competitors will be evaluated on their technique, musicianship, and overall presentation. There will be three rounds of the competition, each of which will be free choice. A competitor may perform the same or different music from round to round without penalty.

Program Time Limits*

1st Round: 7 Minutes (8-12 Competitors will move onto the Semi-Finals)
Semi-Finals: 10 Minutes (4 Competitors will move onto the Finals)

Finals: 15 Minutes

* Choice of repertoire is entirely at the discretion of the competitor. A competitor may perform the same or different music from round to round without penalty. 

Registration Fee:
$125 (Save $25 by also registering for the Louisville Guitar Fest)


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