Recreational Division

Recreation Competition Rules:  This division of the competition is open to all classical guitarists and is intended for novice guitarists who may not want the intensity of the other divisions but would still like to gain experience performing and competing. There will be one round of the competition where performers can play up to five minutes of music. This is a non-competitive division so winners will not be chosen.

All music must be played on a classical guitar with nylon strings; no electronic amplification is permitted.  Once all competition registrations are received, a schedule will be made and distributed via email to all competitors with their approximate competition performance time. All competitors must bring to the competition the completed competition form.

It is expected that every competitor’s choice of music fits within the time allowed. If a competitor exceeds the given time allotted, that competitor will be asked to stop but at no penalty to his/her evaluation. Judges’ comments and scores will be given to competitors so that they can learn and improve. Competitors will be evaluated on their technique, musicianship, and overall presentation.

Highly trained and accomplished FSU graduate students